How Does It Work?

The Wilco Spot Cultivator can be easily mounted onto any standard-sized excavator and carries out several tasks in one quick action:

1 and 2: Spot rakes the ground to clear slash/vegetation

3: Rips the soil up to 1.0m depth (depth can be varied)

4: Cultivates
the soil into a mound centrally over the rip (height can be varied)

  • With optional attachments it can release fertiliser and/or spot spray for dessication.
  • Can also rake and mound if the ripper tine is removed.

  • Specifications
    Type: 20T Mechanical Spot Cultivator Head
    Description: One-piece winged ripper & mounding rake and parts
    Construction: Fabricated steel head & cast ripping tyne with replaceable tip
    Production Speed: Up to 5 spots per minute (variable to conditions)
    Mound size (Height): Up to 500mm (can be adjusted)
    Rip size: Up to 1.0m (can be adjusted
    Coverage: Exceeds 2000 spots/ha. Standard 3 spots per minute from each machine position (can be increased to 5)
    Excavator Compatibility: Can fit any standard 20 tonne Excavator boom (smaller 12T model available)
    Weight: 1.12 tonnes
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 1.0m x 2.2m x 1.7m (Assembled)
    1.8m x 1.2m x 1.0m (Unassembled on pallet)
    Volume (Pallet): 2.2 cubic metres
    Patent: US Patent No. 6067736
    NZ Patent No. 270756
    Worldwide patents pending
    Accessories: Fertiliser Applicator, Hopper