Hi, I'm Lindsay Willis, founder and President of Wilco Products.

If you're looking for a forestry site preparation system that's big on performance, reduces overall costs and minimizes environmental impact, Wilco is the choice for you.

The Wilco Spot Cultivator is a simple, safe and versatile system which promotes the growth of healthy, fast-growing trees from difficult-to-manage sites - such as areas of low fertility, poor drainage, cold climate and compacted soils.

What this means for you is the opportunity to obtain a better yield from your land, faster tree growth, easier site management and more profits - without adverse impact on the environment.

In New Zealand Wilco has reduced overall establishment costs, increased profits per hectare and led to significantly healthier forests. As a result New Zealand's leading forestry companies now see Wilco as their best investment decision for the preparation of flat, poor forest sites.

Around the world users of the Wilco system are starting to see equivalent results.

At Wilco we stand behind out products and service.

I promise you won't find a better or simpler forestry cultivation solution anywhere in the world.

Contact me today to ask how we can make the Wilco promise work for you.